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What is DOTMiner?

DOTMiner is a decentralized application built on the Binance Smart Chain that pays you at least 6% daily on your DOT deposit into the DOTMiner contract. The daily percentage ROI depends on several factors.

What happens when my barrel becomes full?

Your miners will stop working for you until you compound (hire more miners) or claim (pocket) your DOT divs. This is a way to keep people engaged.

Can I take my initial deposit back?

Once you deposit, you can't take it back. You can only earn it back slowly over time by pocketing your DOT divs.

How long do the miners work for?

The miners will work for you indefinitely as long as the contract is filled with funds. They can not be sold or exchanged.

How much are the fees?

On every deposit, 5% goes to the team wallet for further development and 5% goes into the marketing wallet to grow the platform and the Miner Apes brand.

How does referring work?

Once you connect your wallet to the site, you will see your referral link on the bottom of the page. People that deposit under your link are referred by you, earning you 10% of their deposit value. So bring in your friends and buddies!

How sustainable is DOTMiner?

DOTMiner is designed to last for a long time by having lower daily returns compared to other similar dapps.

What is the best strategy?

This can't be answered properly, as it highly depends on the lifespan of the contract. Generally, you would want to compound at least some of your earnings so you get additional miners paying you more DOT everyday

Why do daily earnings percentages differ?

As previously stated, the daily percent returns depend on a lot of different things. As contract balance rises, the daily returns rise too for those that got in earlier. If the contract starts falling off in balance, there is a "contraction" on the daily payouts to ensure the longevity and sustainability of the contract. The degree of contraction itself depends on how much the contract balance is decreasing This applies to claiming and compounding too. If more people pocket their DOT than hiring more miners, the daily payouts could slow down depending on the ratio between the 2.

Why does the value of miners change?

Yet again, this is a mechanism to ensure the longevity of the contract. As more people deposit miners get more and more expensive. If a user deposits early with an X amount, he will get a bigger share of the miners compared to a user that deposits later with the same amount X. As the contract rises in balance, in general, miners get more expensive, although there are rare exceptions, such as if almost all users are pocketing and not compounding when the balance is not growing nor decreasing. Additionally, when the contract starts to decrease in balance, and depending on the degree, miners get less expensive and could become very cheap to give people an incentive to deposit by taking the risk of putting in their DOT tokens.